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The Independent, 21 April 2007: Business interview with Sir Gerry Robinson

The Village
  • Village, 26th November 2006: Report on a small European NGO supporting a hospital in Basra
  • The Spectator
  • The Spectator, 16th September 2006: Interview with former UK Labour party leader Michael Foot
  • Diplo Magazine
  • Diplo Magazine, Digital Revolution Issue, 2006: Interview with former UK Labour party leader Michael Foot (please email for cutting)
  • Diplo Magazine, Digital Revolution Issue, 2006: Dial ‘F’ for the Future: Mobile phones are changing and they’re changing us (please email for cutting)
  • History of Oxfam Ireland: To be published

  • This was a 25,000 word piece of research involving conventional internet and telephone research, as well as archive research and a series of interviews with staff, former staff and volunteers in Dublin and Belfast.
  • Underground Focus, 2002/2003: (no longer published – please email for cuttings)

  • Blair 1, BBC 0 – analytical piece on the fallout from the Hutton Inquiry in the UK. With comments from BBC Political Correspondent Nick Robinson, Panorama reporter John Ware, Newsnight reporter Michael Crick, BBC Controller of Editorial Policy Steven Whittle and Martin Fewell, Deputy Editor of Channel 4 News.
  • Interview with George Monbiot on his book The Age of Consent
  • ‘A Combination of Managerialism and Opportunism, under a Pathetically Feeble Branding’: An analytical piece on Third Way politics. With comments from New Labour academic Julian Le Grand and backbench Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle – ‘Third Way Leader or Neoliberal Follower’ – An analytical piece on Tony Blair’s political ideology
  • Media Channel

  • Campaign For Press and Broadcasting Freedom, Media Channel (online), September 2001: ‘Public Service Broadcasting on the Brink’
  • Broadcast magazine (excerpt published in print), September 2001: ‘ Public Service Broadcasting on the Brink’
  • – An analytical opinion piece on the UK Ofcom Bill and its effect on public service broadcasting in the UK. With comments from the NUJ, BECTU, VLV, EBU, MPs, senior BBC executives and documentary maker and New Statesman columnist John Pilger.

    Media Lens

  • Media Lens, 13th March 2002: – ‘New Labour Have Forgotten About the People’
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