Offsetting my ‘08 and ‘09 carbon footprints

Having not offset my carbon emissions in the past few years. I’ve offset 260 tonnes of CO2 by protecting an acre of rainforest through Cool Earth and also helped to protect 1,000 trees through the Sky Rainforest Project.

My carbon footprint last year included a small number of flights to the UK and Ireland, and the same in 2008 with one additional return flight to Copenhagen.

The rest is made up of my share of home and office electricity and heating, plus other means of travel – mainly by taxi, bus and train – plus the carbon embedded in the goods and services I’ve purchased during that time.

Ireland’s average per capita emissions are about 16 tonnes per person, so I’m hoping that my offsetting covers this several times over.

While I am conscious that no offsetting project is perfect and their overall impact is perhaps very small, I believe they are among those that are the most worthy of my support.


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